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NAME: Princess Cupcake
AGE: I'm over the age of 18. Hell, I'm over the age of 30. Shhhh!
JOURNAL: [personal profile] thedangerousone
CURRENTLY PLAYED: Max "X5-452" Guevara

SERIES: Defiance
CHARACTER AGE: Stahma appears to be in her mid-thirties by human aging standards. Her actual age is unknown, however she was considered of marriageable age in 2013 when the Votan ships arrive to Earth, and has a teenage son 2046.
REFERENCE: Located Here & Here.
CANON POINT: Episode 1.13, "Everything is Broken" (Season 1 Finale)
SEXUALITY: Stahma is bisexual, and perhaps could arguably be considered pansexual. She is happily married to a Castithan male, however this does not stop her from engaging in a love affair with another woman, notably a human woman, and thus is attracted to others even aside from her own species.
PERSONALITY: Please explain your character's personality. Their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, hobbies - the things that make them them. Please be sure to include any significant character relationships that influence the character and make them who they are, especially if there are any romantic interests that are shown to shape the characters sexuality. This section has a minimum of 250 words.
POWERS: Please give details of any powers your character may possess.
PREVIOUS GAME MEMORIES: Please use this section to summarize any changes your character may have undergone in their previous game. Feel free to be brief, we're just looking for a basic idea of what major changes your character will have gone through that may change their canon personality. If you are not bringing your character in from a previous game, put N/A or delete this section.
SUITABILITY: Please explain why your character is suitable to the game. It doesn't need to be too in depth, just a simple summary of how they would handle the setting of the dome mentally.
FIRST PERSON EXAMPLE: A strong example of your character over a network post. This can be an example from a previous game or a lengthy thread from another community. So long as it's a strong, first person demonstration of character voice.
THIRD PERSON EXAMPLE: A strong example of your character reacting. While we greatly encourage examples that show them reacting to sexual settings (Proxima Beta or otherwise), we also welcome previous third person threads that demonstrate a strong sense of voice of the character.


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